Family Haiku

Frieda was discussing comparisons between Bush and the Nazi's and in one of her letters she ended with...

"Do you hear the silence?"

To which Bill replied…..

"MOM... have you gone ZEN on us now? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Do you hear the silence?"
Next you'll be tossing Haiku at us."

To which Sue replied….

From Mom's computer
She sends happy notes to you
You poke fun at her

After which John said…

Many emails.
Can't follow the thread.
My penis enlarges.

To which Bill replied….

My Brother talks fast
No Knowledge is presented
My mind becomes numb

Then, getting back to the point on Nazi comparisons, John pointed out the internet law that basically states all arguments will degrade to the point where a comparison with Nazi's is made. To try and clarify Bill said…….

No one likes to be called a Nazi, so dragging out the comparison pretty much ends the discussion. It's like going nuclear in an arguement. Blows up the playing field and nobody wins.

The point needs to be made without reference to little boys being cloned in Brazil for eventual world domination.

Did I state that correctly?

Or.. to put it in a Haiku (5-7-5)

Hiltler. War maker
Criminal Comparison
Conversation Ceases

Course William (son of Sue) was listening at some point and piped up with…..

You guys are freaky.
You should stop writing Haikus.
I do like it, though.

And believe it or not, sister Linda, who almost never reads all the crazy family e-mail chimed in with….

I am on the net
please don't have a freaking cow
I still won't keep up

Mom's computer's fast
I'll have to move in with her
just to read this shit!

Geoff, commented on both Linda joining the discussion and Bill's complaining that the AARP was sending him mail, with the following pithy response…..

Linda surfs the web,
Shock and awe, duck and cover.
Bill is a geezer.