Movies from the Peace March

Washington DC - Sept 2005

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The first two videos are of the "Mud Puppets". Thatís what people kept calling them, I donít know if
that was their official name. They came from Vermont. Every two or three blocks, they would play the drums very fast,
the marchers would stop to watch and they would have a "die-in". They did it in front of the white house and it
was very cool. They attracted a lot of attention because of the drums and the strange movement. I ran into a
woman from Vermont at the Presbyterian Church on New York Avenue. She said the pavement was hard and hot, and she didnít
think she could lie down and get up again one more time.

MudPuppets1 -- MudPuppets2


The next group is during the march. I was trying to capture to police lining the side of the street and some of the chanting.

GuardingTheMarch -- ThePeopleUnited -- PeaceNow


We broke away from the crowd and walked for a while with some space around us. The guy with Bagpipes was wonderful.
The trumpet player was all heart. And the Renegade Preacher . . . well, I just donít know what he thought was going to happen.
Go downtown and stand on the corner to tell the Peacemakers they are all going to Hell. What an interesting afternoon.
The "Pro-War" people didnít want them to stand in their street protest either. He was all alone (Ďcept for the guy holding the sign.)

BagPipes -- Trumpet -- RenegadePreacher


The "Anti-Peace", "Pro-War" folks were on the side of one block. There were approximately 30 Ė 50 of them.
Some people would stop to argue with them. The police were there to keep us apart.
We werenít allowed on the sidewalk, they werenít allowed past the barricade.
Geoff had a silent protest, he simply walked by holding up the peace sign. It was beautiful.

AntiProtest1 -- AntiProtest2